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The Fundamental Crisis [entries|friends|calendar]

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Creationism in the Age of Intelligence [31 Dec 2007|12:00am]
***While this LiveJournal may appear to dead, it is merely dormant.  I have stopped updated this LJ with revised drafts, because, quite frankly, I update my drafts on a regular basis and do not desire to constantly update the LJ with numerous changes.  Only when drafts are complete will I again post them to this LJ.  That means some of these chapters may be outdated by almost two years.***

Manual of Style



01  Introduction          

02  Defining Creationism

03  The Problem with Dating Creation

04  The Literal Meaning of Genesis

05  Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

06  Cain and Abel: Unraveling Biblical Integrity

07  The Great Flood and Noah’s Ark

08  The Mystery of the Tower of Babel

09  Young-Earth Creationism

10  Old-Earth Creationism

11  Extreme Biblical Literalism: Modern Geocentrism

12  The Ultimate Compromise: Theistic Evolution

13  The Intelligence of Intelligent design?

14  Creationism Interpretations of the Dinosaurs

15  The Philosophy of Acceptance





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